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Fire protection systems can vary greatly in scale, design and type from site to site. Our aim at SFS is match you with the most effective system, that will offer nothing less than 100% fire protection coverage.

SFS is licensed and qualified to install a variety of different systems types including all-wet fire systems, deluge systems, pre-action systems, restaurant grade systems, fire tanks/pumps and even smaller scale equipment such as hydrants, hoses and extinguishers.

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Maintenance & Repairs

When it comes to site safety, ensuring that your fire protection system is working efficiently is very important. If you have a product or system that may need a repair, service or general maintenance, Suppressive Fire Systems can certainly assist.

We are qualified to assess and repair many types of fire protection systems, such as deluge, wet-sprinkler and pre-action systems.

SFS offers expert on-site assessments and we will deliver you with the best actionable repair plan to keep you protected, adhering to all requirements as per AS 1851 2012.


SFS is one of your best options when it comes to inspections, testing and certification.  SFS is versatile enough to work on smaller sized sites or larger scale facilities such as apartment complexes and hotels.  Between our qualifications, experience and dedicated team there are no jobs too big or too small for us.


If you require official Queensland certifications for fire protection systems of any kind in the Far North, SFS would be more than happy to help. We are licensed to certify systems of all sizes and our thorough, analytical approach will ensure you have a system certification that can be relied upon.

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