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Suppressive Fire Systems can design and install fire protection systems of any scale. We can even assist with design. All-wet systems, deluge systems and pre-action systems; we can do it all.

Maintenance & Repairs

Need to make sure that your fire protection system is running at 100% efficiency? Got a problem systems that needs the kinks ironed out fast? SFS can help.


As a full service fire protection company, SFS can offer on site inspections, including testing and analytical feedback which can be vital to ensuring your facility is fire safe.


Suppressive Fire Systems can handle your system/site certifications promptly and thoroughly, meeting all relevant Queensland and Australian standards. Give us a call to find out more.

who we are


Suppressive Fire Systems may be a new name to the fire safety industry here in Cairns, but he team behind it is not. They have worked in the fire protection industry collectively for over 30 years. SFS was founded by Jarrod Whiteside, who has spent his adult life learning, designing, maintaining and understanding the very particular demands that commercial and industrial fire protection system requires here in Far North Queensland.

Jarrod began Suppressive Fire in 2019, with the aim of taking his knowledge and experience and coupling it together with his own approach to customer service and personalised attention. SFS aims to be your partner in fire protection, acting not only as the local business that can help you out with certifications, repairs and inspections, but a resource that can act as a guide when it comes to fire safety and emerging industry innovations.


Need a consultation on your fire safety requirements? Suppressive Fire Systems can help.



About us




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Making sure that our clients are given the best service and advice available in the Far North is our goal here at Suppressive Fire Systems. Here are some of their thoughts on SFS.


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